About Us

LJ Ranch Outfitters is the realization of the lessons learned, adventures achieved, and efforts being made by Kat Livengood and Amy Johnson. As women who love the outdoors (hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, camping…) we discovered very early on just how few resources are actually available for women wanting to delve into the natural world. While many of our designs are universal and can (and have) been enjoyed by men and women alike, we have a certain degree of preference for ensuring the continued access and enjoyment of the outdoors by fellow female adventurers. And, just in case that wasn’t enough…As a proud Texas based business, LJ Ranch Outfitters is making a concerted effort to only provide/produce products made in the good old US of A.

Amy, a former Navy Sailor, has spent most of her life outside; enjoying the benefits of self-sufficiency both camping and fishing. Her skills and knowledge have proven to be invaluable with developing the atmosphere and resources the Ranch has needed growing into fruition. Amy’s newest endeavors have revolved around hunting primarily deer and duck, as she continues to expand her knowledge and skills for the outdoors life. As a cooking, Bar-B-Qing, and smoked foods fanatic; Amy has begun developing a collection of wild game favored recipes that she will be sharing with you over the years to come. And, with 15 years of emergency medical experience, Amy has proven to be adaptable to any mishaps our adventures have encountered.

Kat’s years of graphic design, business, and customer relations has afforded her the resources necessary to get the Ranch off to a solid start. Her passion and love for fishing, hunting, and being outside has driven her to grow LJ Ranch Outfitters from an idea sketched on the back of a Texas parks receipt to the realization of the business you now see. Between Kat’s drive and Amy’s remarkable ingenuity, LJ Ranch Outfitters will be a fully operational ranch in no time!